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Welcome to the Numenera: The Instruments Of Fate Campaign Wiki. Below you will find links to all the main categories of information for the campaign, such as PC’s, NPC’s, Adventures, Organisations etc. in addition to a Campaign Overview.

Campaign Overview

Scorlan The Golden, an emerging figure in Ghan’s underworld has dispatched his most talented and trusted agents into the frontier lands of The Beyond, securing the use of a long dormant dimensional portal through the Black Riage known colloquially as The Pathway.
The PC’s were the first amongst these agents. Under the guise of guards accompanying the trade caravan of one of Scorlan’s oldest allies, Impetrio less-than-truthful purveyor of oddities and baubles, their assignment is simple: to find undiscovered numenera-rich sites across The Beyond and to return to Scorlan with these details intact.

The Heroes

Player Character Description Player
Draxim Web A Clever Jack Who Explores Dark Places Colin
Nuri A Strong-Willed Glaive Who Consorts With The Dead Carolyn
Lysanus A Graceful Glaive Who Wears A Sheen Of Ice Will
Kator A Mutant Jack Who Fuses Flesh And Steel Gopher

The Allies

Character Name Description Affiliation
Scorlan The Golden Leader of Scorlan’s Shadow Jacks Scorlan’s Shadow Jacks
Impetrio Caravan Master Himself; Scorlan’s Shadow Jacks

The Antagonists

Character Name Description Affiliation
Thraler Maum Leader of the Cult of the Zephr Lord Himself; Zephyr Lord

The Adventures

Adventure Name Description
Let Sleeping Gods Lie Wherein the players uncover the secret of Nular’s power source and stop the Cult of Zephyr Lord
Altered Purpose Wherein the players seek out the cause and cure for the a deadly plague infecting the residents of Sitna
A Little Knowledge Wherein the players are hired by an altruistic nano for a quest to consult the Stone Singer of Yhul

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