Moser Kush

Prime Consul of Nular


Stats: Level 3; bargains, cajoles, lies and perceives as Level 5.
Equipment: Fine clothes, Prime Consul sash (liquid metal cloth that can transform into a razor thin whip with a simple hand gesture. Level 5 artefact, that deals damage equal to level, depletion 1 in d20).


Background: Moser Kush is a wealthy merchant/explorer who founded the town of Nular on the frontier of The Beyond. He named the town after his beloved wife and business partner who was killed during a margr attack. He pays handsome bounties out to any who return to town with margr heads in tow.
Personality: A little conniving and driven by greed, Moser isn’t the most selfless person in the Ninth World. He appears ingratiating and affable, but is ruthless when it comes his own self interests.
Goals: To keep his position as Prime Consul of Nular; restore power to the town’s ailing otherworldly reactor to keep the locals from ousting him.

Moser Kush

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