“Far in the future, a billion years henceforth…”

image.jpg Scorlan the Golden they called him, neither derisively nor in fear. After a brush with the Iron Wind, he simply was, for want of a better term, golden. Flesh made precious metal, objectified but living, breathing, grieving. For he lost far more that day than he gained, more than he’d volunteer to tell you.

The incident gave him focus and resolve. To improve his lot. Cheat at the hand that was dealt.

To this end, Scorlan sought knowledge of the past from the remnants of machinations left behind by the prior worlds; the Numenera. He was not alone in his quest. Both the Aeon Priesthood and the Convergence both sought the boons of the past, though for diametrically opposed reasons. Trading relics with both, mindful of the power and influence they could bring to bear, steadily grew his own power base in the Sea Kingdoms of Ghan reserving the most intriguing pieces for himself. Scorlan’s Shadow Jacks soon became a common topic hushed conversation within the taverns and trade houses of the eastern coast.

With a curious eye always turned towards The Beyond, that enigmatic land of opportunity, Scorlan made his plans to secure profitable sights there. Any gains made within it’s vast confines would be less scrutinised by his powerful rivals than those in his native Steadfast.

To this end, Scorlan has dispatched his most talented and trusted agents into the frontier lands beyond, securing the use of a long dormant dimensional portal through the Black Riage known colloquially as The Pathway.

Your group was the first amongst these agents. Under the guise of guards accompanying the trade caravan of one of Scorlan’s oldest allies, Impetrio less-than-truthful purveyor of oddities and baubles, your assignment is simple: to find undiscovered numenera-rich sites across The Beyond and to return to Scorlan with these details intact.

Scorlan has warned: to withhold this information from him, trade it or to attempt to simply ‘disappear’ with it would be an ill-advised course of action. He’s already brought to your attention to the mastigophores he has programmed to follow you…

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